Start up!

September 2022 We start upp our new Mastermind Coarse that will be going on for a year. 

We are looking for serious people who are willing to do what it takes to grow into our best version 2022/23  We meet in groups of 3-7 people every two weeks. Everyone is punctual och respect the rules of the group. Each session is around 60 - 90 min. Every week there is extra focus on someone in the group. 

No excuses, no blame, no laying, no shame

Mastermind is no social gathering, it is nor a place where we come to complaint. There is a specific purpose by using this method and no other. 

Remember Rules.

1. Speak with good purpose; if it does not serve, do not say it.

2. When you disagree, or do not understand, ask clarifying questions.

3. Make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep.

4. If you cannot keep an agreement, communicate it as soon as practical to the appropriate person.

5. When something is not working, look to the system for correction and propose a system-based solution. (94% of all problems can be corrected by changing the system.)

A start up group with financial interest

For people who want to have solutions for every day life. What is 100% sure is that the mayority of people will have to look for other ways to create economy in the future.

The forth industrial revolution has come to stay as well as the previous  revolutions before, with electricity and other technological improvement. We will have to adapt to that change.

If you are willing to fully understand and after take wiser decitions about your future. We invite you to a next coming coarse, workshop for ten hours. You will together with others discover, re arrange ideas, thoughts to actions. Welcome to sign in to our upcoming DeVi Coaching, for more info press HERE

Sign up today and make sure you have a place in the next coaching. Press HERE

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