Climb your mountain with us 2022


We take you with us for a 10 hour workshop, we give you one book and access to a Mastermind for a year. We meet in groups of 3-7 people twice a month on a preset time for 90 min and work everyone and each one with our personal Goal with the support of the others. This will lead to new results in your life. To listen Press HERE

Part two 

The course starts a Mastermind when part one is finished;

A good idea is all it takes!. I help people who "are ready" to think and act correctly. It leads to peace of mind, inner harmony, better understanding, better finances and better relationships with others.

Gear; A book + 10 meetings and then a Mastermind for a year.

Award; You decide how much you want to pay for it. Money back guarantee (if you are not satisfied and have gone through the course, you are guaranteed your money back).

First you have to find out what you want from life, if you are ready you will pick up the secrets hidden in the book and will be able to apply them in our ten course meetings. Life after that is forever better. The book we use is an oasis in a desert of lost hope. To be ready; You are now aware that your outcome in life is the result of your thoughts and actions up until now.

There is no such thing as something for nothing. You cannot get the price of this course if you are not willing to pay the price, even if the price is less than the result of the course.

The prize cannot be given away, it cannot be given to someone who does not apply for it. It cannot be bought with money. The result comes in two parts. One part is because of you that you are ready. It has nothing to do with knowledge.

There are people who have not gone to school but become successful and wealthy both spiritually and financially. The second part: Determination to accept the less than result.

You learn. What to do and how to do it! Everything you desire and want that income has started with an idea. The second part leaves the ones you can do.

Learn from History

Learn from History

Learn from history. Success comes after you completely give up. (Oddly enough). A good idea is all that is needed. When success comes, it comes with such speed and haste that one is surprised and wonders where it was hiding before. When we start thinking and growing rich. We see that wealth starts with "Right thoughts" but defined and clear goal and science not to give up!. Whether that means hard or light work. As soon as you master the art of practicing this philosophy of "thinking well," of having the consciousness of success. The goal of the book is to steer a failure consciousness into a success consciousness.

Another mistake that is often made is in a weakness among people is to measure everything and everyone and measure them by their own impressions and beliefs, thoughts based on their own limiting beliefs, which can be about thoughts of poverty or failure or obstacles. 

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